It’s ok to talk

With ‘Wellbeing Week’ just around the corner, it’s a perfect time for us to take time out and do the activities that help us improve our mental state. Studying at university is sometimes referred to as a ‘melting pot’ for factors that can have a negative effect. Whether it be living on your own for the first time, managing finances or revising all hours of the day during the exam period- students can get bogged down which can lead them feeling overwhelmed. Even if time is scarce, it is important that we take time out of our busy schedules to recharge our minds and bodies.

Students across all 3 campuses are perfectly placed to ease the daily pressures; whether it be the social life in city, exercise at Clifton or even visiting the animals at Brackenhurst – all of these activities are shown to release endorphins that make us feel good.


Here at NTU Sport we try and promote an active lifestyle to encourage student athletes from all backgrounds. We have a massive team that want to cater for all abilities- whether your ambition is to be the next Jessica Ennis-Hill or just want to play some tennis with your roommates – we can cater for you. The university recognise that sport is a key component to the holistic development of students.

As well as the chemical benefits released by the brain there is also the social side to sport that reaps so many benefits. The feeling of being part of a team, achieving collective goals, is something that cannot be emulated. Friends are made for life when joining sport, and those friends can be there for you when you are at your highest highs, and your lowest points in life.

One of the most important steps in recovering from mental health difficulties is for people to talk about it, and having that support of a team mate is crucial. They can be the one that you confide in, or could come with you to seek support. Being at NTU we are lucky in that we have one of the best support networks in the country.

Keep an eye out for some of the activities that we will be doing around campus next week and if you or anyone you know is struggling with issues then please don’t hesitate to contact us, or visit NTU’s wellbeing website at wellbeing.

And remember ‘It’s ok to talk’.

For more information about ‘Wellbeing Week’, please visit

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