Keep active at university

Keeping active has always been my way of maintaining my well-being, with football being the sport I play at least 3 times a week. I do also attend the gym now and then as well, but I feel football has always been the thing to keep my mind occupied and my body healthy.

When I started at university, staying active was a lot more difficult as I had to keep up with the heavy work load. As a result I didn’t get as much chance to enjoy my football. It didn’t take me long to figure out even with the mass amount of work and strain on my life, it is important to keep physically active.

It is very easy as a university student to fall into being lazy, but that doesn’t have a positive outcome on well-being. Now as a second year I play football with friends rather than as part of the sports team, and this means it is less of a strain on me, allowing me to keep it as a fun activity.

Second Year Sports Science Student – Male, 19

If you want to play sport, just for fun, then the NTU Play for Fun programme is just for you! Find out more here.


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