Don’t overwork yourself

Most blogs you read on well-being inspire you to change your life, with changing your whole diet to eat healthy and taking hours out of your days to fit in a work out. However, mine is simply going to consist of the reality of over working yourself, and how well-being has become something of a second thought to me.

Well-being should be a priority to everyone because it doesn’t only cover your physical health but mental as well. Since aged 16 I began working and ever since it has become a problem that I allow it to override everything else I do.

Physically this affected me the most, and it wasn’t until I got to a bad point that I realised something might need to change. I was working alongside being a student to a very intense 6th form, and began to suffer migraines leading to dizziness resulting in black outs. This left me no choice but to leave 6th form.

I then began a two year college course, that was more chilled, and my well-being was fine throughout. Then I came to university. University has been one of the most emotionally and physically challenging things I have yet had to go through, and being half way into my second year I believe it can only become more of a challenge.

I have continued to work while studying and my promotion to management means added stress, although I am now managing work time and social time a little more, but the massive work load seems to more so take over. Typically I am a student not knowing what to do after studying but one thing I do know is I will need a very long break to relax my mind and body and get my well-being to a place it needs to be.

Second year Sports Education & Psychology student – Female 20

If you have any concerns over yours or anyone else’s mental wellbeing, please visit for more information.

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