Volleyball Varsity preview

Ahead of this weekend’s Women’s Volleyball Varsity, we caught up with the President and captain, Theresa Hipolito…

How are you and the team feeling in the build up to varsity?

We are are feeling quite confident as we’ve had a great season this year, finishing up in 2nd place in BUCS. We’ve been training hard and looking forward to the big game on Sunday!

What will the team be doing on the lead up to the big event to prepare for varsity?

We’re not going to have a couple key players with us on the day as they have National league games or will be away at the time, so we’ve been trying to adapt to those changes and making sure everyone steps up their game! We’ve also been attending strength and conditioning sessions with NTU Sport in order to better our performance on the day.


How do you and the girls mentally prepare for a big game such as varsity?

We just try to stay together and keep the overall team spirit high! When it comes to big matches, we already have some experience together as we’ve been through decisive matches before. So it’s all about staying hyped and focused!

Is there a lot of pressure on you as the captain/president to help lead the team and make sure they are ready for the game?

There is always pressure on me as President and Captain, but not any more than there is on all our players and match officials on the day. Making sure everything goes according to plan can be overwhelming, but our VP Sport Matt Nicholson and NTU staff have made the process as smooth as possible for all of us. Just have to make sure we all work together and are at the top of our game! Smiling also helps 🙂

How do you think the Trent fans impact your game?

Trent fans can have a huge impact on our game. Having a pumped up crowd full of energy helps us want to do better and keeps us going! The more the merrier and the louder the better!

Finally, do you believe you will win this year’s varsity game?

It is never safe to say whether or not we will win. Having said that, I am more than confident in my team and I know we can play great volleyball and trust that we have what it takes to beat UoN. It will definitely be a challenge for all of us, but we’ve done it before, we can do it again!

For updates during the game on Sunday, follow @NTUSport on Twitter!


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