10 things i love about Varsity

Are you ready for Notts Varsity 2017?!

The big event ‘kicks-off’ with Rugby League tomorrow (Lady Bay, 4pm), and we are so excited to finally get underway!

We’ve put together a checklist of 10 #NottsVarsity related things to do during the series, all to get you in that Varsity spirit…

  1. Take a photo with an NTU player in their kit… then share it on social media!

  2. Tweet your support for our teams, tag @NTUSport, and hashtag #NottsVarsity

  3. Get a photo with our mascot!Mascot

  4. Get your hands on one of the Varsity T-shirts and show your support to the players from NTU!

    Varsity Tshirt

  5. Wave your #NottsVarsity foam finger in the crowd!Varsity Foam Finger

  6. Make a Snapchat story using the Varsity filters at each eventVARSITY SNAPCHAT GRADIENT 2.jpg

  7. Travel on any NCT bus for just £2.50 unlimited day travel!eventrider.png

  8. Paint your face pink!

  9. If you are competing, get yourself a discounted Sports Massage with Fairclough Sport PerformanceC7mSUzEVAAQ5Hc1

  10. Finally, and maybe most importantly…. make a lot of noise in the crowd!! The players need to hear you!

    For updates during the series, make sure you follow NTU Sport on Twitter and Instagram!

Let us know what you think....

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