How are you and the team feeling on the build up to varsity?

We are feeling very good. The team this year is a very close unit on and off the court and that helps us keep spirits high and keep everyone motivated. For a lot of the players this year it is their first varsity experience, so there is definitely a feeling of excitement. However we also have the mind-set that we take into every game which is that it is just another game that we will turn up and do are job and get the win!

What will the team be doing on the lead up to the big event to prepare for varsity?

It’s very much the same as what we have been doing all year which is just a mixture of hard work at training and letting our bodies recover during our days off. We have had a very successful season this year due to the combination of our coach developing great training sessions utilising all the time given and then us as players giving 100% each practice when we step on that court to get the best out of each other. As this has proven to work perfectly for us all season we will be doing more of the same before varsity. However we aware that the opposition are a strong team as well and we have got some special tricks up our sleeves that I am sure will help us bring home the win for Trent!

Is there a lot of pressure on you as a captain to lead the team and make sure they are ready for the game?

Usually I am sure the answer is yes, but with the team we have this year they make my job as captain nice and easy due to how tight we are as a group. Throughout the year we have developed a strong, family like ethos throughout the whole team that does transfer to positive results on the court. Therefore my job is just to keep the guys at that level where they are mentally switched on and ready for the game, whilst also making sure everyone keeps calm as the varsity experience can be over whelming for some. But as I said, I know these guys as if they were my brothers and I am sure that they can all handle pressure. I mean as I’m always telling the lads ‘pressure is what you put in tyres!’ and I’m certain that helps them keep calm.

How do you feel when you arrive on the court and see all of the Nottingham Trent fans watching a cheering you on?

It’s unreal. I remember last year the noise coming from that crowd was electric and it was like having an extra player on the court with us. Trent students definitely know how to get a team pumped and ready for the game and that helps us a lot. Running out from the tunnel and looking up and seeing a sea of people cheering you on just makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Last year’s fans were quality and have set the bar high for this year’s Trent fans, but I am sure that this year they will top last years no doubt.

Finally, do you believe you will win this year’s varsity game?

To keep it nice and short. Yes. Our team is ready, and with the infamous Trent support behind us, I don’t see how we can lose.


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