We caught up with the Women’s Football first team captain, Georgia Richards, ahead of tonight’s Notts Varsity fixture…

How are you and the team feeling on the build up to Varsity?

Me and the girls are feeling very positive in the build up to varsity. After playing UoN twice already this season and drawing 1-1 in both results, it’s safe to say Varsity this year will be very competitive as both teams want to come out on top! Whenever we play UoN the buzz in the dressing room is fantastic and every girl is up for the challenge. Varsity is always a big occasion that all of us want to be a part of, so everyone works hard to ensure they get a place in the starting 11.

What has the team been doing in the lead up to the big event?

In the build up to Varsity, training and S&C has been as normal, which has put the team in the right mind-set. With the BUCS league finished, it gave us chance to focus on our opponents, who we know of quite well already. This means we could focus on tactics, set plays and fitness to really give us an advantage over them in Varsity.

Is there a lot of pressure on you as the captain to help lead the team and make sure they are ready for the game?

I do feel a tad pressured, and of course I want to lead by example. We have made sure that the fresher’s understand the importance of the occasion and how much it means to students and the girls at Trent. I say my bit and like to get a good vibe going between all the girls, and the senior players bring a lot of character and support to me and the team. I’ve been leading the girls all season with no issues and they’re a great bunch and even without input from me they understand what they need to do as individuals and as a group to ensure we get another victory.

How do you feel when you arrive on the pitch and see all of the Nottingham Trent fans watching and cheering you on?

I loved coming out last year and checking the pitch and seeing the stadium, all the girls got very pumped and excited. For me I feel very nervous when I see everyone arriving for the game during the warm up, I put a lot of pressure on myself as I want to perform well and have the best game. But as soon as I get a few touches of the ball I forget about it and treat it as any other game where I want to go out and win. The support from Trent encourages me and the team and boosts our confidence levels!

Finally, do you believe you will win this year’s varsity game?

Definitely! All those into football will know, on the day things may not go your way or you may be unlucky! But I am confident in the squad, and with the ability that we have, that if we turn up and put in 100% effort we will get back what we deserve and pull off a performance!


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