On Wednesday 15 November, 2017, we held the first ever Women’s Wednesday, where our female teams took over Clifton Campus to celebrate female sport as part of the This Girl Can campaign. As part of this, we invited St.Johns C of E  Academy from Worksop to bring some of their students, in the hope that they would be inspired by the action. Here are our favourite two account of the day from two students….

1. Chloe, year 5 – St Johns C of E academy

“T,R,E,N,T we are the Trent army!

So far my day has been great, we are currently watching cheerleaders (they are amazing) and they are extremely inspiring. Fencing is awesome and the people who can do it and training to do it are talented. Tennis is cool. We had a picture with the Trent Lacrosse team. Volleyball is the coolest things ever, or is it? Badminton is quite similar to tennis but different in a way. Football is awesome.”

2. Imogen, year 5 – St Johns C of E academy

“To begin with we watched the cheerleaders, they did an extremely good routine that was quite exciting. Next we went across to a different building to see some indoor fencing which was very fast. In the end NTU won furthermore fencing is an unusual sport which I don’t think I would like to do. Then we saw tennis it was unbelievably good with 8 people playing on 4 courts. After that we watched a strange sport called lacrosse, basically lacrosse is like hockey but you throw and catch the ball with nets on the end of a stick. Soon after we watched volleyball and badminton both good sports. We kept chanting all the way round “T, R, E, N, T we are the Trent army.

During the football match we carried on chanting. First Oxford Brookes scored. Then the goalkeeper was knocked over the match was quite good. In the Rugby match NTU was against Leicester sadly 5 minutes into the game there was an injury of an NTU player who (luckily) wasn’t too badly hurt. Fortunately it doesn’t usually happen.”



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