Sport volunteering & Wellbeing

Wellbeing week 2018: How Sport Volunteering has helped me

I’ve struggled with mental health related issues at university. Finding a balance is something I find difficult, and I’m often exhausted trying to stay on top of everything. 

On a Wednesday, volunteering as a coach with the RDA in a position of responsibility has been a huge booster for me. I’m able to make a positive contribution to my community, help the rider on the day work toward their goals and have a visible impact on someone’s day. 

Riding itself helps me empty my mind and put my energy into something positive, and being around the Equestrian family club vibe has often been a lift (and it’s only ever a snapchat away). 

What I’ve learnt is that people are much kinder and empathetic when you reach out, and talking really does help. It’s not embarrassing and you shouldn’t be ashamed.

Sam Reavley

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