My Year as a Sports Volunteer Assistant!

During my time as a Sports Volunteering Assistant I made the most of the opportunity to really get involved in projects from both a staff perspective but also as a student.

It’s safe to say that my role was never boring. Each week there was a new event or project to get involved in, such as the This Girl Can campaign or 3000 Hour Challenge.

My favourite activity to be involved in was the 3000 Hour Challenge. The main reason being that I got to see our students do multiple activities throughout the day which were out of their general stream of volunteering.

It was also really good to see others volunteering who had never done it before. It actually motivated me to go back volunteering with the Riding for the Disabled Association for a couple of weeks before starting my placement.

I was involved with the Girls Night In, and given the freedom to get involved in multiple sport volunteering activities but also other larger sporting events such as Varsity Series.

This year volunteering has helped me to grow in terms of my own confidence as I’ve been involved in projects in so many areas.

Developing my skills and immersing myself in new activities was always a personal goal for me from the start.

The Sport Volunteering role was a really great chance to connect with other students that had similar interests and to help them get involved in volunteering projects that were linked to their passion.

I’ve had an amazing year in the position and with NTU Sport, and I would do it all over again!


– Orla Linnane

Student Volunteer

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