A visit from Forest Fields Primary School

We are lucky enough to have lots of visitors here at NTU Sport. The sport team love nothing more than sharing our facilities, encouraging people to get stuck in and enjoy physical activity.

Recently, we welcomed Forest Fields Primary School to our City Campus to spend a whole day getting stuck into different sports activities.

All of the children who visit us have a brilliant time – it’s evident from the enjoyment you see them getting from the various planned activities and sports sessions we run for them.

But what are they thinking on the way home? We hope they’ll be inspired by some of the sports and exercise they’ve taken part in, and the people they’ve met that day.

Well, luckily enough, some of the children from Forest Fields decided to put pen to paper to tell us about how they found their visit.

Here’s just a few of their written testimonials (we promise we haven’t paraphrased any of these fantabulous words!)

“My day at NTU sports has been FANTABULOUS!! This is the best uni trip I have had since I came to Forest Fields. The people were really nice, talkative and understanding people. The tour was great! I never thought that I was gonna have soooooo much fun. My interest in sports has increased and I thank NTU for an incredible day.”

“Today was one of the best days in my life. I enjoyed all of the activities, like exercising, dancing,basketball, etc. It was very exciting to wander around NTU. It was an amazing experience.”

“My day at NTU Sport has been amazing! I had a lot of fun playing different kinds of sports. My favourite one was dancing because we moved about a lot and it was really fun. NTU is a really good place and the leaders helped us in the games and it was a spectacular sports day and I enjoyed it.”

“There was a lot of communication and student ambassadors helped us out a lot. My favourite part was Zumba because there was a lot of movement and lots of fun.This is why university is epic!!”

“Today at NTU was amazing because we had lots of fun and did different sports. Some of them were Netball, Basketball, Dancing and some that involved the gym. It was excellent and i had lots of fun with my friends. I think everyone had fun and enjoyed the sports which were really great.”

“It has been SPECTACULAR to  spend the day doing sports. All the NTU staff and student ambassadors are incredibly nice and helpful. My favourite part of this day experience was the tour because student ambassadors answered all questions and i gained a lot of knowledge. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND NTU TO DO THIS WITH OTHER SCHOOLS.”

Could you help inspire the next generation? contact stacey.trainer@ntu.ac.uk to find out how to get involved.

Contributors – Forest Fields Primary School children, NTU Sport Volunteering

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