Spotlight: Did you know about NTU Korfball

It’s a sport that is played in over 70 countries around the world and is fast growing in the UK. NTU Student Steph Grady tells us about NTU’s first Korfball game in over 12 years, and gives us the lowdown on what went down.

Tuesday 5 March was the first time Nottingham Trent University had played a game of Korfball for over 12 years. Going into the match against University of Nottingham seemed a daunting task, however we took this in our stride and went into the game with our heads held high and prepared to leave everything on the court.

The game started off strongly with NTU going 2-0 up, with a fierce battle between both sides the game drew closer with the score all tied up at 5-5 towards the end. Our moral and spirit didn’t drop and before we knew it the game ended 7-5, meaning we had won our first korfball game as a team.


Considering that over half our team had never played a game of korfball before is an achievement in itself and shows the NTU Korfball is going in the right direction. The skills we have developed in the play for fun sessions were shown throughout the whole game and we are so proud of the team.

My experience with korfball so far has been a short one but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every moment playing with the team. The journey has allowed us to develop as a collective, learning new skills each week and having fun along the way. The support we have had with NTU has not only helped us get more students participating but also allowed us to run friendly matches and develop ourselves into a club. We are so proud to be part of something new to the University and excited to see what korfball at NTU can develop into.

A huge thank you to Rebecca King for her support and coaching on the sideline, the enthusiasm and energy Rebecca gave us helped boost the team’s moral.

Rebecca, Stacey and Kyle have done an amazing job providing well-led coached sessions incorporating key skills and enjoyable activities. You can clearly see the work they have done so far has paid off, we wouldn’t have progressed at the rate we had without their dedication to the team!

Team- Ameen Jarrar (C), Tommy Mack, Becky Edwards, Abbie Coleman, Kyle Summers, Chris Olayiwola, Anya Whitham, Izzy Neill, Steph Grady.

Coach – Rebecca King

Korfball need to know

Team sport or individual? – Korfball is a team sport.

How many players are involved? – It is played by two teams of eight players with four females and four males in each team.

How do you score? – To score a point you throw a ball into a bottomless basket that is mounted on a 3.5 m high pole.

When are sessions for me to give it a go? – You can try Korfball at a Play for Fun session every Tuesday 4.30 pm – 6 pm at Lee Westwood Sports Centre.

How to get involved? – To find out more about Korfball and to get involved join the Facebook group here. 

Contributor – NTU Student Steph Grady

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