NTU Sport Engagement Project

Removing barriers and promoting inclusivity

Share your views

NTU Sport wants to explore the barriers to accessing NTU Sports activities as perceived by students from Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds. To do this, NTU Sport are looking for volunteers to take part in two focus groups.

Each participant can choose either a three-month * NTU Active Membership or a £20 Amazon Gift Voucher in recognition for their time.

We want to hear what you have to say

So if you are from a black and ethnic minority background and

  • are currently involved in NTU Sport programme(s), we want to hear from you
  • play sport outside of NTU programme(s), we want to hear from you
  • have played sports before starting NTU, but haven’t managed to get back into sports yet, we want to hear from you.

Help us shape the future of NTU Sport

Simply complete our short form by Sunday 22 November registering your interest if you would like to take part in the Engagement Project. NTU Sport will contact you if you have been successful with your application.

Our focus groups will be conducted online.

*If you select the active gym membership reward, your membership will commence once our facilities reopen.

Let us know what you think....

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