How Sport can help you to become a successful Cert Mentor

Meet Rebecca, Sport Champion and Cert Mentor

Sport has been the platform for which I have developed my skillset, and aided other university roles which I have been involved in. I have worked with NTU sport for the past couple years, acting as both coach and sport champion, where I have developed my leadership skills and the opportunity to become a student mentor has allowed to express my passion for my course and learning. The fundamental skills developed through sport are transferable to real life. Being able to communicate effectively, working in an organised manor and being innovative, are skills I have advanced through sport and been able to apply to the mentor role. Sport teaches us to be resilient, respectful and patient, which as a young individual are three extremely important life lessons. The development I have seen in myself through taking on both the sport and mentoring roles; have allowed me to become a well-rounded individual and be a part of a community of passionate individuals.

What is a student mentor?

A CERT mentor works alongside the CERT (collaborative engagement and retention team) team to provide first year students the opportunity to enhance connections around the university and receive support from other students. The role entails working alongside first year students to aid their transition into university. Providing real life advice and experiences that you have gone through in prior years.

To those who are involved in sport whether coaching or leading, this opportunity caters to your strengths to help facilitate others learning. Not only does it help to boost your skillset but gives you’re the opportunity to help others.  It’s extremely rewarding knowing that you can be there to support new students and signpost them to the correct contacts to receive help.

What training is involved?

During August/September we received online training with the CERT team to prepare us for the workshops we would be leading to the first-year students. The CERT team provided extremely engaging tasks, to allow us to connect with other mentors which during lockdown provided us with the needed social interaction.

Leading workshops to first year’s student are a great steppingstone in their university transition. Seeing the student’s form those much-needed connections (especially during the pandemic), has shown me how vital the student mentor role is in giving them the needed support.

Benefits of working as a CERT mentor:

This paid experience, gives you the chance to show off what you’ve learnt at university. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a student mentor through my final year, not only has it helped to broaden my own connections but has allowed me to establish a greater leadership role within the NTU.

If you interested in getting involved with the Cert Mentoring Programme, more information is available on Futurehub.

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