NTU Sport Club Awards

Introducing the NTU Sport Club Awards for 2021

Despite the year where success has looked so different, we want to celebrate and recognise all that you have achieved this academic year.

This year the NTU Sport Club Awards will take place on Wednesday 19 May and will be hosted as a online event on the NTU Sport Instagram page. There are different rewards on offer for each award category.

Nominations are now open, please note you can nominate your club, or committee, or individual members for more than one award, please complete a separate form for each nomination.

Deadline extended – Nomination will now close on Monday 10 May

This year we will be presenting 5 different Awards:

  • Club of the Year
  • Committee of the Year
  • Community Engagement Award
  • Individual Recognition Award
  • Outstanding Achievement Award

Please read through the individual award descriptions and submit a detailed response, stating how you feel you have met the criteria for the award which you would like to be considered for.

Award Description & Criteria

Club of the YearNominate here

Prize – £500 club spend

This award is for the club who have consistently delivered sessions & activities for both sport and social throughout the year, including moving sessions online during lockdown periods. It goes to a club who have kept their members engaged and involved, creating a sense of belonging. Ultimately this goes to a club who have encompassed all aspects of the different awards.

Award Criteria:

– Communicated effectively with their members – E.g., group chats/teams, through social media.
– Organised a variety of activities for sport and social over the academic year for all members to participate in.
– Organised fundraising or charity work over the year (either online or in person) 

Committee of the Year – Nominate here

Prize – £200 Committee spend

This award is for a committee who have catered to the needs of their members since the start of the academic year, ensuring that they have made sessions inclusive and accessible. 

Award Criteria:
– Worked well as a team – E.g. Held regular committee meetings, engaged with NTSU by attending sports council & AGM training. 
– Planned sport/social opportunities (online) to keep members engaged and involved. 
– Have been proactive in communicating to their members about elections and other opportunities.

Community Engagement AwardNominate here

Prize – £300
(£150 for your club & £150 to go towards the charity which your club have supported)  

This award will be awarded to a club who have gone above and beyond to give back to the community and people around them, this could include charity work, fundraising or volunteer work.

Award Criteria: 
– Set up at least 1 fundraiser/volunteer/charitable event this academic year. 
– Experienced good engagement from sport club members. 

Individual Recognition Award
Nominate here

Prize – £100 individual voucher

This goes to a sports club member who has gone above and beyond, and have proved themselves to be a real asset to their club and committee. It goes to a member who have not been part of a committee this year, but recognises their special contribution to their club. Whether its supporting other club members, putting extra hours in to help make events successful, or proving themselves to be an invaluable member of their club.  

Outstanding Achievement Award

Voted for by the NTU Sport Team

This award will be decided by the NTU Sport Team and will be presented to a club who deserve special recognition for their extraordinary work this academic year.

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