NTU take on Doncaster Rover Belles in the Women’s FA Cup

This Sunday, our Women’s Football Club will be competing in the Women’s FA Cup taking on Doncaster Rovers Belles in the 3rd Round Qualifier. This will be a tough match for NTU with their opposition being 6-time winners and the 3rd most successful club to ever compete. Despite this challenge, we are beyond proud of our team for making it the furthest that they have got in this cup and NTU sport will be supporting our girls to go all the way.

Club president and NTUWFC captain, Grace Miller, is ‘delighted’ with the team’s achievement in making it this far. She remarked: “We are looking forward to travelling to Doncaster for the next round as being able to play against such a big and historic team in Women’s football is such an exciting opportunity for the team.” She added that “for most of us, this will be the biggest game that we’ve ever played!” Grace gave credit to the team for the hard work that they’ve put in this season to get to this stage, she has hopes that if the team ‘keeps pushing and believing’ they can come out on top.

Head coach, Dan Corlett, reflected that NTUWFC has been established in BUCS for a long time, but this will be just the third season where the team have played in the main FA pyramid on Sundays and only the second year where the team have entered the Women’s FA Cup. After the team narrowly lost in the second qualifying round last season, this year the team has gone above and beyond to play against, what Dan described as ‘one of the most successful sides in the competition and Women’s English Football.’ Dan described the match as a ‘huge challenge and achievement for all of the players and staff involved.’ He adds: “I have hopes that the team can come away from the game proud of their performance and despite being the underdogs they might have a chance for an upset and to make the first round proper.”

Best of luck to our girls this weekend, you can keep updated on this Sunday’s match and other fixtures here.

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