Commemorating Black History Month with NTU Sport

In case you missed our Black History Month content, here’s a recap on how NTU Sport recognised and celebrated Black History Month.

A snapshot of Black British Athletes through time

Over on our Instagram stories, we shared some of the many incredible achievements of Black British athletes through time. We showcased individual athletes including Mo Farah, Dina Asher-Smith and Denise Lewis in weekly profiles focussing on their incredible successes and achievements to date. You can check out our featured profiles if you missed these on our Instagram highlights here.

Discussing Black History Month with our Play for Fun athletes

We spoke to Louis, Emmanuel, Nathaniel, Michael and Zuri who regularly attend our Football and Basketball Play for Fun sessions. We asked them about the importance and significance of Black History Month to them. All our athletes suggested the month was a time for individuals to ‘educate themselves’ whilst stressing the importance of introducing more Black British history content into schooling curriculums, helping to better society.

Furthermore, individuals had their own reasons why commemorating Black History Month is so important.

Louis commented ‘Black History month offers the perfect opportunity for individuals who are sheltered from the daily struggles and history of black people to learn and gain an understanding of what it is like to be a black person in British society.’

Emmanuel suggested this month was also an opportunity to ‘find out and reflect on how black people have gotten to where they are today, and to gain an understanding of what people before him went through.’

Zuri suggested that the only way to create an open society is to ‘understand the oppression faced by black people’ giving more reason to introduce Black history into the schooling system, alongside encouraging individuals to learn and talk about black history year-round.

Watch the full video here.

Discussing Black History Month with Sharhnee

Our first-year athletics scholar, Sharhnee Skervin, shared her initial encounters with sport, her role models and her most memorable sporting experiences, all of which have shaped her into the successful athlete which she is today. Sharhnee expressed the importance of Black History Month, she believes that it provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate what Black people have achieved in the past. Sharhnee also reflected on her younger self and said she would advise her to stay true to herself and to love herself more.

See Sharhnees full video here.

Discussing Black History Month with Tre

We also discussed Black History Month and found out more about NTU Graduate Tre Woolliscroft, who is now undertaking a postgraduate role that includes the facilitation of NTU Sport Play for Fun sessions. Tre was also actively involved in the Play for Fun Programme during his time as a student at NTU. On top of discussing his reasons for being so involved in sport and his biggest sporting influences, Tre expressed the importance of Black History month, as a time to recognise and empower the Black British history that is often overlooked in society. He also suggested that the month provides an opportunity to inspire, motivate and empower Black Britons, giving them representation, allowing them to feel more recognised. Tre expressed that he would advise his younger self to never give up and although his efforts would often go unrecognised, to keep pushing as he would eventually succeed.

See Tres full video here.

Black History Month offered the opportunity for the team at NTU Sport and their followers to educate themselves to better the society that we live in today and understand what it is like to be black in Britain. We urge our followers and team to continue to learn and therefore grow to help mould a better Britain. 

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