Introducing the NTU Sport Proud to be Pink Awards 2022

This year NTU Sport are excited to be hosting the Proud to be Pink Awards! These awards will bring together athletes and sports clubs across Nottingham Trent University to celebrate their efforts from this academic year. You do not need to be the biggest or best in your sport, the importance lies on whether you have made and stayed committed to making a difference to your sport.

The Proud to be Pink Awards will include Club of the Year, Committee of the Year, Community Engagement Award, Performance of the Year and the Individual Recognition Award. 

Clubs can nominate themselves or be nominated by others for multiple awards. Please note, a separate form should be completed for each nomination. 

A panel of staff from NTU Sport and NTSU will select the winners for each category in preparation for our virtual Proud to be Pink Awards celebration on Wednesday 27th April at 6 pm, via our Instagram.

Nominations will be open from Friday 1st April and will close on Thursday 21st April

The awards that can be applied for are as follows:

Club of the Year 

This award will be given to the club that has shown a wide range of successes throughout the 2021/22 academic year. Success at NTU Sport comes in many forms and means different things to different clubs. For some clubs, this is having the highest engagement with new members, delivering strong BUCS performances or making active changes to make sure their club is as inclusive as it can be. 

NTU Sports Club of the Year should be a role model both in and out of sporting activity. If you think this is your club, or you know a club that deserves 2021-22 Club of the Year then we want to hear from you. 

Examples should be included within your application, this could include but is not limited to how the club has:

  • Communicated effectively with members through group chats, teams, social media etc. 
  • Organised a variety of both sport and social activities over the academic year for all members of the club to get involved with 
  • Organised fundraising or charity work over the year (either online or in-person) 

The prize for this award will be £250 for the club

Committee of the Year 

Throughout the 2021/22 season clubs at NTU Sport have been led by a team of incredibly dedicated and inspirational committee members. We know there are so many committees that deserve this award, but this award will recognise the committee that has made sure that they always go above and beyond for their members this academic year.

This club should show that they have been dedicated to making sessions inclusive and accessible for all students and supported the growth and development of the club by tracking engagement, attendance, and monitoring club finances successfully. 

Examples should be included within your application, this could include but is not limited to how the club has:

  • Worked well as a team and held regular committee meetings 
  • Engaged with NTSU by attending sports councils & AGM training 
  • Led creative campaigns and initiatives to socialise and engage with new and existing members. 
  • Had a positive impact on the club 
  • Been proactive in communicating to members about elections and promoting available positions 

The prize for this award will be £150 for the club

Community Engagement Award 

This will be awarded to a club who have gone above and beyond to give back to the people and the community around them. We want to recognise your efforts from taking part in charity work, fundraising, volunteer work and more! This award will go to a club who have set and organised an event to raise awareness for good cause or given back to others around them. 

To win this award the club must have set up at least one fundraiser, charitable event or volunteering challenge this academic year. 

Examples should be included within your application, this could include but is not limited to:

  • The impact the initiative has had and the awareness it has raised 
  • The creativity of the project and how the club got engagement from members 
  • The amount of money raised and how it levelled against expectations

The prize for this award will be £100 for the club and £100 for the charity

Performance of the Year 

This award will go to a club, team or individual who demonstrated an outstanding performance that should be celebrated this academic year. Whether this is a competition, winning a league or any other performances that you consider to be a massive success for your club. We want to celebrate that sport is back in full swing! 

This could be any achievement and it does not have to be performance in BUCS competitions. 

The prize for this award will be £200.

Individual Recognition Award 

This award recognises an individual’s commitment to their club or sports department over their time at NTU, be it as a player, committee member or volunteer. It is awarded to a final year student who has shown an outstanding contribution either through performance, participation or leadership. This goes to a student who has gone above and beyond and has been an asset to the department, club or committee. 

Examples should be included within your application, this could include but is not limited to how the individual has:

  • Gone above and beyond and shown exceptional commitment to their team, club or university sports department over several academic years. 
  • Taken on various leadership roles 
  • Shown significant commitment to sport either as a player, volunteer or committee member. 

The prize for this award will be a £100 voucher.

Let us know what you think....

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