NTU Sport Excellence Awards 2022

On May 4th 2022, we held the first NTU Sport Excellence awards. This prestigious event celebrated the contributions and efforts that students and athletes have made to NTU Sport over the past academic year.

Club colours

The first award of the evening was the NTU Sport Club Colours Awards. Students who received this award had contributed most significantly to the success of the club during their time at university going above and beyond their call of duty, they had been a member of their committee for at least 2 years and are instrumental in the day to day running of the club.

Our Club Colour awards went to:

  • Deborah Tunn: Pole Dancing
  • Grace Miller: Women’s Football
  • Imogen Hill: Women’s Basketball
  • James Hanly: Gaelic Football
  • Joe Hunter: Rugby League
  • Josh Helm-Cowley: Fencing
  • Kate Potts: Pole Dancing
  • Lea Gostincar: Volleyball
  • Nicole Hull: Women’s Hockey
  • Nina Schofield: Climbing
  • Rossa Dirrane: Gaelic Football
  • Tauhid Ibrahim: Ultimate Frisbee
Winners from NTU Netball

Half Colours

NTU Sport Half Colours awards were given to students whose performance had contributed most significantly to the success of the club during their time at the university. These students have either been part of a squad that has competed in a BUCS championship final, achieving a gold or silver medal, had been awarded a BUCS individual medal (of any colour) or competed at a non-BUCS equivalent at the highest level and have significantly contributed to the development of the university sport programme. 

Our Half Colours awards went to:

  • Alex Bunyon: Canoe
  • Alice Huddlestone: Women’s Hockey
  • Callum Allen: Rugby Union
  • Connor Stuart
  • Ella Bowen: Netball
  • Georgia Green: Women’s Lacrosse
  • Jack Gibson: Men’s Football
  • James Hobson: Table Tennis and Tennis
  • Jess Haynes: Netball
  • Mai Moncaster: Women’s Football
  • Mari Stewart: Women’s Basketball
  • Morgan Males: Hockey
  • Sean Edwards: Men’s Lacrosse
  • Shay Rafter: Gaelic Football
  • Tom Cursons: Men’s Football
  • Victor Olarerin: Men’s Basketball
Winners from NTU Women’s football

Full Colours

The final award of the evening went to athletes who have contributed most significantly to the success of the club and department during their time at university. These students are at their final year of undergraduate or postgraduate study at NTU, they have represented their sport internationally or play in an external professional level club/ franchise, they have competed for NTU for at least two academic years and are a regular in the university first team. Most importantly they have contributed to the development of the university sport programme.

Our Full Colour awards went to:

  • Arryana Daniels: Women’s Football
  • Charlotte Hayward: Speedskating (TASS Athlete)
  • Emily Lewis: Canoe
  • Erin Peters: Netball
  • Hannah Williams: Netball
  • James Hunt: Men’s Hockey
  • Joe Waterton: Men’s Hockey
  • José Andrade: Nottingham Rugby
  • Kelsie Taylor: Netball
  • Melissa Nealon: Women’s Hockey
  • Nadia Benallal: Women’s Hockey
  • Scott Hall: Rugby Union
Winners from NTU Hockey

Volunteer of the Year

Without volunteers we wouldn’t be able to run the NTU Sport programme to the level that is it is today. The work the NTU Sport volunteers do in the community doesn’t go unrecognised so this reward was created to celebrate their contribution to NTU Sport.

The nominees for this award stand out from their peers, demonstrating excellent organisational skills, a passion for developing sport, an ability to inspire others whilst showing a conscientious approach to develop NTU Sport. Our nominees have gone above and beyond and have demonstrated a commitment towards making a significant impact to NTU and to the local community. 

The Nominees for Volunteer of the Year were:

  • Adam Smith (Laureus Sport for Good): Adam’s dedication to Laureus Sport for Good and the young people on the programme has been outstanding over his 3 years at NTU. 
  • Aaron Sandhu-Nelson (Men’s Basketball): Aaron has worked alongside the Men’s Basketball 2nd team to help them place in the BUCS division 2 cup finals and sacrificed his own place for the betterment of the club.
  • Sherina Gooden (Netball): Sherina has volunteered hours of her time to organise, plan and deliver the entire Intramural (IM) netball league, support Play for Fun sessions and is also the development officer for NTU Netball. 

The winner of Volunteer of the Year was Adam Smith.

Volunteer of the Year winner, Adam Smith.

Sports person of the Year

The nominees for this award have achieved the highest-level of sporting excellence. This award is to recognise a student-athlete who has stood out from their peers demonstrating excellent performances, a passion to develop and grow their sport and has an ability to inspire others.

The nominees for this award have achieved outstanding performance outcomes which have brought significant value to both themselves and the university, have a track record of making a significant impact to NTU and the local community through their own effort and have shown a commitment to personal development, team work and supporting the development of others.  

These nominees represent the very highest level of commitment, engagement and achievement towards NTU Sport. They are all outstanding ambassadors for NTU Sport and Nottingham Trent University as a whole. 

The Nominees for Sports person of the Year were:

  • Connor Stuart (Swimming): The first Para Swimming Scholar in NTU history, he has won a BUCS Gold, Silver and Bronze medal in his first year in the programme. 
  • Emily Lewis (Canoe): Emily is NTU’s first current student Olympian, having competed at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games for Great Britain.
  • Hannah Williams (Netball): Hannah has won the Vitality Netball Super League with Loughborough Lightning in 2021 and has been the England U21’s captain during her time at NTU whilst helping the NTU Netball team win the BUCS Trophy this year.

The winner of Sports Person of the Year was Emily Lewis.

Sports Person of the Year winner, Emily Lewis

We would like to say a huge congratulations to our nominees and winners from the first NTU Sport Excellence awards and a huge thank them for their efforts and contributions to the department this academic year. NTU Sport cannot wait to watch you grow even further!

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