NTU Sport shortlisted for the Diversity and Inclusion BUCS Awards 2022.

We are thrilled to have made the shortlist for the 2022 BUCS Awards Diversity and Inclusion award with over 240 nominations to be shortlisted to the top 5 is something that we are extremely proud of. We will find out the winners at the BUCS Sport Awards on July 5th 2022 at University of Warwick, but for now, we want to celebrate the work that we have done so far to make the shortlist. You can watch our culture video here which shows our clear stance on diversity and inclusivity within NTU Sport. 

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the BUCS Diversity and Inclusion award as it serves as recognition for the work we have done with regards to developing an inclusive programme. Students feeling welcome and included in all NTU Sport activity is our ultimate goal. Despite progress, we know there is still plenty of work to do and we look forward to continuing to work with our students to help us improve their university experience.

Katy Teasdale, Head of Sport Development

Our application included information on the work that we have done to improve the engagement with the under-represented groups within NTU Sport programmes. Our perceptions of sport research project was conducted in partnership with the universities Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team in May 2021 where we investigated into the perceptions and experiences of NTU Sport from the perspective of Black, Asian and Ethnic minority students. This research unveiled the potential barriers to students when accessing NTU Sport experienced by current and potential members. The main barriers were identified as representation, community development, communication and finance. We then developed the Changing Perceptions Action Plan which outlined the key interventions to address the barriers.

The overarching aim of the action plan is to increase the diversity of participants within our sports programmes by having a more inclusive offer. The Changing Perceptions action plan has already contributed to a 5% increase in Black and minority ethnic (BME) student participation in NTU Sport programmes. This is an additional 1,200 BME students engaging in activity compared to 20/21. 

Firstly, we have enhanced our database to establish a baseline for all programmes and changed our recruitment processes and training expectations for recruitment managers increasing the BME staff recruitment by 7% in 21-22. 

Within our sports clubs, 75% of committee presidents have completed the ‘levelling the playing field’ workshop and 100% of respondents stated that they understand why they were asked to attend and understand how it’s relevant for their positions as presidents and 71% of respondents stated that they felt more confident when discussing race and culture with their peers. On top of our students, 47 sports staff members attended the Anti-Racist Student Opportunities Training during a department away day where 96.6% felt that they knew the correct terminology and language to talk about race and 47.2% stated they gained a better knowledge of what they can do to generate positive change after the day. 

Our sport access fund gained 95 successful applicants with 95% of those assisted engaging in their chosen activity. 90% of them stated that the fund allowed them to make friends and 89% of them stated that it has improved their sense of belonging at NTU.

We spoke to some students on how the the funding has improved their experience at NTU

Funding has provided me with a positive experience in a sport that I would not traditionally be able to do in my country of origin. I wanted to take part in my first year of study but I couldn’t afford to.

Student from NTU Rowing

As a mature student I have not have not had the connection to University as much as some students have but I feel within a community/family at my club.

Student from NTU Climbing

I don’t love the university life but being a part of the club keeps me engaged and is my most enjoyed part of life at NTU

Student from NTU Rugby Union

We also spoke to our Pro-Vice-Chancellor, about the changing perceptions work that has been completed so far by the team at NTU Sport. 

The ‘changing perceptions’ project has been a key area of work for NTU Sport. All sports club committees have engaged in the EDI training and the NTU Sport staff participated in a day’s anti-racism training, having joined the session myself, it became very clear to me just how important and impactful this training and development is for our students. Having a student raise the question ‘how could we make disadvantage impossible?’ directs the next steps of our challenge – because to find the answer to this question is the ultimate goal.

Cillian Ryan, NTU Sport Pro-Vice-Chancellor

No matter the result, we want to celebrate and are proud that our work has been recognised by BUCS we will continue to progress towards the objectives of the changing perceptions action plan and will continue to share the work that we have done so far. 

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