Black Friday at NTU Sport

Black Friday is here and from the 14th November to the 29th NTU Sport has a plethora of deals for you to take advantage of.

3 Year Active Membership (Black Friday Offer) £195
Active Membership (1 year) (Black Friday Offer)£95
Active Membership (Sports Club Members)£75

Kicking off our main offer our active membership deals come in at £95 instead of £140 for our 1-year membership and £195 instead of £280 for our one of a kind 3-year membership plus a free £25 of NTU catering credit to use in our cafes and eateries.

Get the best of both worlds, if you have purchased membership with a sports club you, can get an NTU Active membership at a discounted rate of £75 – saving you £20. If you purchase the NTU Active Membership, you will receive a £20 discount on joining your first sports club.

The active membership provides you access to everything that NTU sport has to offer such as our two gyms, hiring facilities such as squash courts, pitches and sports halls to play sports such as basketball, futsal and table tennis; play for fun sessions which allow members to get involved in sport on a casual basis with weekly sessions for sports such as netball, volleyball and climbing; instructor led fitness classes to improve your health with guidance and much much more. This means that even if you’re not a huge fan of lifting weights, you can hone your technique for your chosen sport or just try new sports with friends.

Fitness packagesWasNow
Option 1£30.00£24.00
Option 2£45.00£36.00
Option 3£60.00£48.00
Fitness packages – group trainingWasNow
Option 1£48.00£38.40
Option 2£72.00£57.60
Option 3£96.00£76.80

Fitness packages give the opportunity to get instructor led sessions focuses on the areas that you want to work on either one on one with your instructor or in a group.

Class packagesWasNow
5 classes£15.00£10.00

10 classes

Fitness classes are now discounted for non-members so whether it’s spin, HIIT or legs,bums and tums you now have the opportunity to access the instructor led sessions at a discount, however of course these sessions are still free for active membership holders. Boditrax providing unlimited scans until August 31st are 50% off!

To discover everything your active membership can do follow the NTUFitness account on Instagram.

Click here to access the offers!


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