NTU staff netball are #MondayMotivation goals!

Netball is one of those sports you just can’t play on your own. For a full match you need 14 players and an umpire. It can be played ‘5 aside’ too, but that’s still 10 players – and the umpire!

For many of us, the last chance we had to play netball was at school. There are teams and leagues across the country, of course, but most of us struggle to fit exercise and fitness into our day. Not to mention, lots of us are also secretly afraid we’re not good enough, and we’ll just embarrass ourselves if we try to join a team. Especially if we’re not currently that fit and fear that we’ll be slower or less coordinated than everyone else.

So we don’t join the clubs and the years go by, netball becomes a school memory. This is a real shame, because lots of us really enjoyed netball at school. And it’s brilliant exercise, when you’re playing, you can’t help but run around; short sprints and quick changes of direction. It’s a great cardio workout to help improve fitness, strength and agility.

In addition, netball is great for hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking. The restricted movement of the various netball player positions means you have to work as a team. As with all sports, it’s also great for mental health. It helps improve mood, reduce stress, and aids concentration.

I’d wondered for a while about staff netball at NTU. Staff sports are great because they fit into the working day and give us all a chance to meet people from different departments in an informal and fun setting.

NTU staff are a friendly and diverse bunch, so there’s not so much fear of not fitting in, as there might be with joining a team of total strangers. Plus, there are more than enough people to play a full netball match. So when I spotted NTU Sport at a stand in Newton during a well-being event, I decided to ask them about it.

Their response was that if I could get enough people interested, we could have our staff netball!

It all started with two of us – myself and my manager Sophie Kaye – and the support of NTU Sport through Jack Ketton. We got a great response to our initial emails to colleagues, we had 13 players at the first session and new people are coming on board all the time.

Hardly any of us have played netball recently, and lots of us were apprehensive. Would we look silly? Would we remember the rules? Would everyone else be better and faster than us? But we needn’t have worried, it was nothing but fun, and a great workout!

We were blessed with some first session guidance from Netball Scholar, Suzanne Armstrong, who was fabulous, and we found that we all remembered how to play!

“Having not played Netball in over 10 years, I was a little nervous. But everyone has been so friendly and a lot of people are in the same boat. I now look forward to Monday lunch times!”

– Lizzie Goates, Development Services Assistant, Development and Alumni Relations Office

“I hadn’t played the game since school so I was a little apprehensive, but knew I wanted to try it again and get some exercise. The sessions have been really fun and it has also been a good way to get to know other members of staff from across the university. I now look forward to attending each Monday.”

– Catherine Hancock, Junior Press Officer, Marketing Services

“I joined staff netball apprehensively, having not played since school, 16 years ago! I was very rusty, but it was amazing how quickly the rules came flooding back! It was great fun, I got to meet people from other departments, and I enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would – I definitely plan to make it a weekly activity!”

– Laura McAdam, Alumni Relations Assistant, Development and Alumni Relations Office

There will now be staff netball every Monday, from 12-1. New players are very welcome. We’ve found a happy place for some real competitive spirit when we play our match, balanced with lots of fun, rediscovering something we’d enjoyed years ago – together, with no judgement.

And, it’s good for us! I am delighted that working at NTU means we have the facility to take part in team sports – and I encourage everyone to consider looking at the schedule and finding the sport for them!


Contributor: Rebecca Morris-Buck, Alumni Relations Coordinator


My Year as a Sports Volunteer Assistant!

During my time as a Sports Volunteering Assistant I made the most of the opportunity to really get involved in projects from both a staff perspective but also as a student.

It’s safe to say that my role was never boring. Each week there was a new event or project to get involved in, such as the This Girl Can campaign or 3000 Hour Challenge.

My favourite activity to be involved in was the 3000 Hour Challenge. The main reason being that I got to see our students do multiple activities throughout the day which were out of their general stream of volunteering.

It was also really good to see others volunteering who had never done it before. It actually motivated me to go back volunteering with the Riding for the Disabled Association for a couple of weeks before starting my placement.

I was involved with the Girls Night In, and given the freedom to get involved in multiple sport volunteering activities but also other larger sporting events such as Varsity Series.

This year volunteering has helped me to grow in terms of my own confidence as I’ve been involved in projects in so many areas.

Developing my skills and immersing myself in new activities was always a personal goal for me from the start.

The Sport Volunteering role was a really great chance to connect with other students that had similar interests and to help them get involved in volunteering projects that were linked to their passion.

I’ve had an amazing year in the position and with NTU Sport, and I would do it all over again!


– Orla Linnane

Student Volunteer

Archery Scholar Sarah hits summer targets

NTU Archery Scholar Sarah Moon has seen in her summer with a golden performance in the beautiful Rovereto, Italy.

Sarah, who is originally from the US, is a first year NTU Scholar studying biomedical science. She was recently selected to be a part of the GB Junior Women’s Team to compete at the European Youth Cup, stage one.

Surrounded by some of Northern Italy’s most breath taking mountain landscapes, the women’s team prepared to take on some of Europe’s most formidable young archers.

GB’s Junior Women’s compound team performed exceptionally well to qualify in first place, ahead of Italy, before taking the Gold medal.

Sarah said: “Winning against one of the strongest teams in Europe on their home turf was definitely a great achievement.

“As well as taking gold, we also won our exhibition match against Italy – taking away the ‘chocolate’ prize!

“I learned a lot from this trip. It was very useful to shoot in unique weather conditions, adapting as they change.

“Experience like this will definitely stand me in good stead for future events, and I am excited for what’s to come.”

Sarah recently hit her target to collect valuable BUCS points at the 2018 Outdoor Archery BUCS Championships, 16 June, where she held herself in second place for the majority of the event.

Set in difficult weather conditions, the championships saw some very stiff competition and Sarah made a brilliant achievement to finish up in third place after slipping by just a couple of points.

A successful day all-round for NTU Archery, teammate Essi Peuhkuri also landed herself in medal position with a determined performance to hold onto second place.

Due to academic commitments, Essi, who had been selected to attend the Graduate Fashion Week in London, hadn’t managed to pick up her bow for a month prior to the competition.

NTU’s Ashley Colton also made his mark in the Barebow Novice men to finish in 4th position out of ten strong archers.

As well as picking up BUCS points, the team were able to showcase their skills against a wealth of athletes, gathering critical experience and confidence.

Full results form the 2018 BUCS Championships can be found here.

NTU competitor categories:
Barebow women
Compound women
Recurve men
Novice men’s barebow

NTU Equestrian ride away with BUCS National Champions title

NTU Equestrian have returned victorious from the BUCS National Championships, having put on golden performances in both dressage and show jumping.

In what has been an exciting few days, the NTU Equestrian team have returned victorious from the BUCS National Championships.

The championships ran from 4 – 6 June, and the three days of competition saw NTU athletes finish in top position in both dressage and show jumping.

The Bishop Burton equestrian facilities hosted the busy event as 42 riders from 10 universities turned out, all with hopes to become BUCS National Champions.

NTU riders Chloe Pearson, Lizzie Baugh, Will McManus and Libby Dawson hoped to get the team off to a flying start in the first discipline, dressage, which ran across the first two days.

Chloe, Libby and Lizzie made it through to second rounds, with Chloe and Libby going on to achieve places in the third.

It was Chloe Pearson who took the final day to progress through the rounds and win the national final, with a beautifully ridden medium level freestyle test to music. This was immediately followed by another medium level test which Chloe completed cleanly, from memory.

Day three brought the championship to its conclusion with an exciting day of show jumping, with jumps going up to stand at 1.20m. Lizzie and Will successfully made it all the way through the fourth round, incredibly, guaranteeing NTU first and second position on the podium in the jumping.

Lizzie finished in first with Will not far behind in second, both riders having tackled the course extremely well to knock out the other competition through the rounds.

The fantastic performances from all four riders meant that NTU finished in top position in both the dressage and show jumping team competitions.

The team’s golden performance builds on NTU Equestrian’s already successful year, as NTU as a team have been unbeaten at every competition they’ve attended.

Lucy Fields, Lecturer in Equine Sports Science, said: “The students demonstrated the most enormous amount of professionalism throughout the week and represented NTU in the best possible light.

“It was the hardest equestrian competition I have ever seen, with students having five minutes to warm up on previously unknown horses, for medium level tests and to jump up to 1.20m.

“This has been a great team effort from all staff involved – this is the first year that NTU have reached the national final in many years and we are delighted for their success.”

Steven Drake, Development Officer for Outdoor Sport said: “This is a fantastic result for NTU Sport and I’m so proud of our equine scholars for this phenomenal performance.
“To come away from this national competition as overall team champions, Lizzie Baugh winning the overall individual championship, is amazing.
“One of the most outstanding performances from the event was seeing Chloe Pearson nail her freestyle dressage test.
These achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the support from our physio and S&C team, based in NTU Sport and the NTU Equestrian department at Brackenhurst. Notably, Lucy Field-Richards and Sam York.

“I am very much looking forward to what lies ahead next year.”

Men’s Hockey Scholars to go head-to-head with Holland

NTU Scholars Kyle Marshall, Gareth Griffiths and Lucas Ward have been selected to represent England as part of the Under 21 team to play off against Holland later this month.

The international-level competition will go ahead 24-27 June at Lilleshall. Nick Park, who is set to join NTU as a Hockey Scholar in September, has also been selected to play for England in the game.

News of selection comes as the whole of NTU Men’s Hockey celebrate the best season in their history, performing extremely well in Premier A League this year.

The team achieved their highest rank so far in the BUCS League to finish in second, missing out on the top spot by just one point.

The team won convincingly against Sheffield Hallam, battled through to win on penalties against Exeter before facing Durham in their first ever BUCS Championship final.

A huge crowd turned out to cheer on both teams at Beeston Hockey Club, where NTU tackled their toughest challenge of the season.

In an incredibly tough match, both teams kept up a fierce play with neither breaking ahead before full time. Durham took the win in a tense penalty shootout with a final result of 3-1.

The Men’s Hockey team went on to secure a varsity win for the first time in five years for NTU, playing through UON’s very strong defence to achieve a score of UON 1-0.

The team’s success has been exciting to follow, and with four players involved in the GB Elite programme there is surely more to come:

Kyle Marshall
Gareth Griffiths
Alex Blumfield
Lucas Ward

With nine first years in the squad, the team have bonded really well. NTU are delighted with the success our students are having at International level. The players have worked hard to earn these selections. Back in May Matthew Crookshanks also represented Ireland U21 in a tournament in New York, and is looking forward to hopefully playing in the Sultan of Johor Cup in October. It is an exciting time for NTU Hockey, and a brilliant opportunity to play Holland, and something I know the players are looking forward to.

– Colin Clarke, NTU Head of Hockey

Here at NTU Sport we’d like to wish all athletes the very best of luck, we’re excited to see what the next season brings!

Clubs close sucessful year with Sports Ball

The 2018 NTU Sports Ball went ahead 19th May to celebrate and recognise the achievements and efforts of sport clubs over the year.

NTU Sports Clubs turned out in in their finest, ready to mark a year of fantastic sport and club achievements.

The impressive Colwick Hall hosted an evening of glitz, glamour and sports club awards.

We’d like to congratulate all athletes and clubs. We can’t wait to see more from our NTU sports clubs next year!


  • Community and Fundraising Award – Netball
  • BacZac Award – Burlesque
  • Outstanding Contribution to Sport – Equestrian
  • Sportsman of the Year – Cameron Riley (Futsal)
  • Sportswoman of the Year – Emily Allen (Dance)
  • Student Coach of the Year – Josh Smith Trow (Swimming & Waterpolo)
  • Team Performance of the Year – Pole Dancing
  • Most Improved Club – Thai Boxing
  • Committee of the Year – Ultimate Frisbee
  • Club of the Year –  Cheerleading


NTU Scholar Dom Returns to play for Ohio Machine

NTU Lacrosse Scholar Dom Calisto has returned to the US to play professionally for his team, the Ohio Machine.

NTU Lacrosse Scholar Dominick Calisto has flown back to the states to play professionally for the Ohio Machine.

Dom, who is originally from Long Island New York, studies MSc International Business & Finance here at Nottingham Trent University.

As well as being a member of NTU’s Lacrosse Team, Dom plays professionally in the US for the Ohio Machine, a Major League Lacrosse (MLL) men’s field team based in Obetz.

He played National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA D1) lacrosse for Boston University during his undergraduate degree, captaining his team in his senior year.

He was named Patriot League Defender of the year in 2017 after which he was drafted to the Ohio Machine and went on to win the 2017 MLL National Championships before heading to the UK to study for his master’s degree.

More recently he helped NTU Lacrosse to become 2018 BUCS National Champions, beating BUCS league giants Durham University, who had previously defended their title consecutively for a decade.

Now Dom has returned to the US to play for the Ohio Machine, and with his determined style of play hopes to help his team to victory in the upcoming season.

NTU Head of Lacrosse Sam Patterson said: ““Having the opportunity to bring a player of Dominick’s calibre and profile to NTU was a massive achievement for us.

“He has brought with him a no-nonsense, aggressive style of defence that I really admire and I know he had a positive influence on the rest of the group this season.

“Dom is a real big-game player and I know he will excel in the MLL and represent himself and the university extremely well going forward, I want to wish him every success this upcoming season.”

Here at NTU Sport we are very proud to be represented by talented scholars like Dom, and wish him all the best in achieving his sporting and academic goals.

Fencing Scholar Danielle has her eye on the target

NTU Fencing Scholar Danielle Lawson has her eye firmly on the target as she celebrates selection and prepares to compete on the world stage.

NTU Scholar and GB Fencing athlete Danielle Lawson is preparing for a busy summer following a bout of incredible 2018 achievements.

It’s been a great year for Danielle, who has made some of the most important milestones of her career so far. Earlier this year she became highest placed GB Women’s Epeeist at both Junior European and World Championships.

The athlete attended the Junior European Championships in Sochi back in March, where she was placed 44 out of a field of 89, helping the Women’s Epee team finish in 12th.

At the Junior World Championships in Verona, April, Danielle placed 54 in a field of 169, helping the Women’s Epee team finish convincingly in 15th place.

At the 2018 British Fencing Senior Championships Danielle took a silver medal after an incredibly close final with GB’s Mary Cohen, who finished two points ahead with scores at 15-13.

Her achievements marked her out as a strong Junior competitor for GB; she was selected to represent England at the Junior Commonwealth Championships to be held in Newcastle in July.

Now Danielle is hoping to make her mark at Senior events, as her selection for the European Senior Championships was also announced in April. Danielle will compete under the GB flag in Novi Sad, Serbia, in June in both individual and team events.

She’s gearing up for a busy summer, as she has also recently received news of selection to represent England at the Senior Commonwealth Championships in November, Canberra, Australia.


Danielle said: “I am so proud to have achieved this selection after training and competing all year to reach this important goal and on the back of this, achieving European Senior Championships selection.

“Being so young and qualifying for such prestigious events is a huge milestone for me and will give me a huge springboard to my senior career.”

The talented scholar has her eye firmly on the target, and will be working hard with her support team and NTU Sport to achieve her academic and sporting goals.

We’re very proud to be made up of talented scholars like Danielle, and wish her all the best for her upcoming events.

The British Fencing Charity are currently working to raise funds to support the team’s travel to the upcoming championships.

If you’d like to help support Danielle and her teammates please click here.

See Danielle in action at the Senior British Fencing Championships here (first match).


Image: Steve Cooper