Scotty Hall – NTU Scholar Profile

Scotty Hall is an NTU First team Rugby Union Player. During his time at NTU he has so far played a crucial part in two varsity victories over UON, become Captain of the team and as of the start of the 2019 academic year, become a NTU Sport Scholar.

Player profile

Full name: Scotty Hall

Course: Sport and Exercise science

Year of study: Final year

Sport: I am a scholar on the Rugby Union 1st team and I play in the back row as number 8

Favourite meal: Grandmas turkey burger

What does it mean to you to be a sports scholar?

For me it’s all about the recognition of the hard work I’ve put in over my first 2 years at Trent, the fact the University is willing to trust me with the responsibility and put extra resources into my development is a great feeling.

What are the main benefits to being part of sport at NTU?

Being part of a sports club instantly allowed me to meet new people and get to know them on a deeper level, it helped me establish a social life at university. Also, the staff at NTU not only helped me develop on the pitch but also care about what I’m doing off the pitch both in university, and outside of it.

Sport can also be an amazing way to take a break from everything else if you’re having a bad day it can help you take your mind off it!

Most memorable sport related moment at NTU

I feel most proud of becoming captain of the Rugby Union first team, and playing in two exciting victories at varsity.

Favourite thing to do in the gym?

The SkiErg, it really helps me improve my power and agility!

Least favourite thing to do in the gym?

Yo-Yo test, the exercise works like a bleep test, it involves a lot of running…

Are you a part of a Clubs Committee?

As the team captain, I am part of the committee, and we have been really eager to help the club grow. We want to encourage integration between all the teams to make the club feel like one big squad. I hope that when I’m finished on the committee I’ll be leaving the club, which played such a big part in my NTU journey, in an even stronger position to help even more students enjoy it too.

Outside playing rugby how else are you involved in your sport?

I’m currently a head coach at Rugby Tots. The kids I coach are aged between 2-7. It’s great to see them progress and to pass on my rugby knowledge, but even more so I’m trying to help them learn important life lessons such as sharing, teamwork and building confidence. It feels great to give back to my sport!

Where’s the best place your sport has taken you?

I took part in a rugby 7’s tournament in Dubai which was pretty cool!

Favourite team mate?

I live with him, so I guess I’d have to say James Peachy, but all the lads are great.

Favourite member of staff?

All the staff I’ve worked with have been amazing, they really care about my development both on and off the pitch. I couldn’t *cough Easton cough* pick just one.

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