Wellbeing Week 2018: Sebastian

Wellbeing seems like an abstract concept that is often used by people trying to get you involved with different things…

I like keeping things simple, I try to avoid complex terms or methods to achieve it. I like to think of wellbeing as feeling good about yourself.

I have played team sports throughout my entire life. Whenever I step into a court, it´s like a new world and all my thoughts and feelings just go away. It is like if for an instance, there was nothing else but that activity. Regardless if it is Football or Volleyball, interacting with my teammates, my coach or just feeling the ball makes me happy.

Going to the gym is also a big thing in my life. Apart from trying to enhance my athletic capacities, here is where I disconnect from everyone else… It´s time for myself. No phone, no gym-buddies, it is only me and weights. I use this time to relax and only think about me. It is a perfect opportunity to escape from my coursework or any other person.

In addition, exercise is a way to release my frustration. I remember having tickets for a top premier league game 2 years ago, it was Chelsea vs Arsenal and they were free, I didn´t had to pay a penny, just the transport to London. It turns out that I oversleep and missed the last train that could got me on time to the game. I could have gone to the pub and started to drink to wash out my frustration but instead, I decided to borrow my friend´s bike and go for a long ride. At the end, I was still sad and a little annoyed but the ride really helped me with my frustration and anger of the moment.

Lastly, playing for the Volleyball team at uni has helped me so much not only in a physical aspect from a mental perspective. Going through 2nd year at uni, having 3 different jobs and presiding the club demands a lot of time and can be very, very stressful. Volleyball is a method to forget about all that for the moment and enjoy. I take my anxiety and stress out so that by the end of the session, I am renewed and ready to continue with my day.

Sebastian Mora


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