Wellbeing Week 2018: Clubs

When I came to university I struggled a lot in my first year with social anxiety, I didn’t go to so many events or lectures because I would get so nervous. In my second year at university, I forced myself into joining a sports club [Equestrian] and it’s the best thing that could’ve happened to me at university.

Although I don’t go to many events this year due to my university work being a priority I always know that if I feel that I need to go out and have fun or be around a group of genuine people with a similar hobby of mine then my sports club will always be there.

I still struggle with social anxiety but being part of a sports club has really increased my confidence and made me feel like I always have a group of people I can talk to. I also tell people I have social anxiety and it really helps, most of the time if people know then they will check if you’re okay.

Orla Linnane

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